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Colonel Arthur D. Simons Center for the Study of Interagency Cooperation


Interagency Writing Competition


The Colonel Arthur D. Simons Center for the Study of Interagency Cooperation is sponsoring a nation-wide Interagency Writing Competition, which is open to the public. We see this as an excellent opportunity for many to share their experiences, insights, and thinking about interagency cooperation, coordination, and collaboration at the tactical and operational level of effort.



Participants are encouraged to submit papers focused on one of two special topics:

  • The interagency role in preventing conflict when dealing with failing or failed states; or
  • The validity of the “whole-of-government” approach in dealing with the full range of homeland and national security threats.

First place winners will receive a certificate, engraved plaque, and a $2,000 cash award, along with publication in one of the Simons Center’s publications. Second and third place winners will receive $1,000 and $500 cash awards respectively.



Manuscripts can be submitted through the Simons Center website at www.TheSimonsCenter. org/competition or emailed to editor@TheSimonsCenter.org with the subject line “Interagency Writing Competition.” Deadline for submitting papers is Friday, 16 March 2012.


U.S. Army War College

Strategic Landpower

Essay Contest 2012


The United States Army War College and the United States Army War College Foundation are pleased to announce the annual Strategic Landpower Essay Contest.

The topic of the essay must relate to the strategic use of landpower. Specific topics of interest, for this year's contest are:


The Future of Landpower
Strategic Role of Landpower
The Army's Role in National Security

Anyone is eligible to enter and win except those involved in the judgingg. The Army War College Foundation will award a prize of $4000 to the author of the best essay and a prize of $1000 to the second palce winner.

for more information contact:
Dr. Michael R. Matheny
U.S. Army War College, Department of Military Strategy, Planning and Operations
(717) 245-3459, DSN 242-3459, michael.matheny@us.army.mil


Strategic Landpower Essay Contest Rules:

  1. Essays must be original, not to exceed 5000 words, and must not have been previously published. An exact word count must appear on the title page.
  2. all entries should be directed to: Dr. Michael R. Matheny, USAWC Strategic Landpower Essay Contest, U.S. Army War College, Department of Military Strategy, Planning and Operations, 122 Forbes Avenue, Carlisle, PA 17013-5242.
  3. Essays must be postmarked on or before 17 February 2012.
  4. The name of the author shall not appear on the essay. Each author will assign a codename in addition to a title to the essay. This codename shall appear: (a) on the title page of the essay, with the title in lieu of the author's name, and (b) by itself on the outside of an accompanying sealed envelope, This sealed envelope should contain a typed sheet giving the name, rank/title, branch of service (if applicable), biographical sketch, address, and office and home phone numbers (if available) of the essayist, along with the title of the essay and the codename. This envelope will not be opened until after the final selections are made and the identity of the essayist will not be known by the selection committee.
  5. All essays must be typewritten, double-spaced, on paper approximately 8½"x11". Submit two complete copies.
  6. The award winners will be notified in early Spring 2012. Letters notifying all other entrants will be mailed by 1 April 2012.
  7. The author of the best essay will receive $4000 from the U.S. Army War College Foundation. A seperate prize of $1000 will be awarded to the author of the second best essay.


2012 General William E. DePuy

Special Topics Writing Competition

Announcing the 2012 General William E. DePuy Combined Arms Center Writing Competition


During the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have seen dramatic developments in how we fight our wars. Perhaps most dramatic have been the ever-increasing contributions and sacrifices of women in what have previously been considered male-only areas of operation. Current and future innovations can use automation, robotics, and other technologies to lighten the soldier’s load and negate the necessity of physical strength in many battlefield tasks. The blurring of the line between front-line and support units in counterinsurgency conflicts, the success of programs such as Cultural Support Teams, and other 21st century evolutions in the conduct of combat all contribute to a need to rethink our nation’s current combat exclusion rules. These considerations are far from comprehensive, but serve as an introduction to the 2012 DePuy writing contest topic:

What is the role of women in the United States Army for the next 20 years?


Contest closes 29 June 2012

1st Place $1,000 and publication in Military Review
2nd Place $750 and publication in Military Review
3rd Place $500 and publication in Military Review

For information on how to submit an entry, please visit http://militaryreview.army.mil.


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