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Lt. Col. Erica L. Cameron

Lt. Col. Erica L. Cameron


After months of anticipation, the new Army University Press website will be up and running in March. I encourage our readers to check it out at http://armyupress.army.mil. The site features articles and books from Military Review, the NCO Journal, and the Combat Studies Institute, as well as information and education material from our writing, Staff Ride, and Military History Instruction programs. It will grow to include complementary audio and video content. To improve your user experience and enhance readability and searchability, we are now using HTML formatting for our content in addition to continuing the popular downloadable PDFs.

The new website brings with it changes in how Military Review will publish. While we will continue to publish a hard-copy journal that is available online, we will now be publishing additional exclusive online-only articles. This change allows us to publish more authors and to be a venue for more rapid, timely publication of articles on issues of the day.

Because we value the quality of our journal above all else, all selected and published Military Review articles, online and print, will be held to the same high standards and receive the same white-glove treatment for which we are known. Our assurance to authors means top-notch editing and layout support, accessibility online, circulation through social media, authentication through the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO), and archiving with Army University Press and govinfo.gov.

Due to your feedback and the popularity of our Military Review book reviews, they are now available exclusively online. You will no longer have to wait two or more months to see the latest ones, and we will update them frequently to keep you better informed. Bookmark our book review section online at http://armyupress.army.mil/Journals/Military-Review/MR-Book-Reviews/.

The Army University Press website will soon also include content from our newest publication, the Journal of Military Learning. This peer-reviewed academic journal, dedicated to advancing ideas and insights that improve military education and training, will be available online in May. We are already calling for papers for our October edition, so start writing.

This edition of Military Review has an international flavor, bringing you insights on how national values are impacting the Army in Singapore, what it will take to restore democracy after the state failure of Venezuela, and the political and military implications of the recent dramatic rapprochement between the United States and our sometime ally Argentina. These and other articles are all available online.

So keep an eye on our website, and check us out on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates on the newest Army University Press releases. We encourage our readers to contribute to the professional discourse by submitting articles and sharing your comments about our publications on our social media sites. Thank you for reading Military Review.




2017 General William E. DePuy

Special Topics Writing Competition

This year’s theme: “What needs to be fixed in the Army?”

Articles will be comparatively judged by a panel of senior Army leaders on how well they have clearly identified issues requiring solutions relevant to the Army in general, or to a significant portion of the Army; how effectively detailed and feasible the solutions to the identified problem are; and the level of writing excellence achieved. Writing must be logically developed and well organized, demonstrate professional-level grammar and usage, provide original insights, and be thoroughly researched as manifest in pertinent sources.

Contest closes 17 July 2017

1st Place $1,000 and publication in Military Review
2nd Place $750 and publication in Military Review
3rd Place $500 and publication in Military Review

For information on how to submit an entry, please visit http://armyupress.army.mil/DePuy-Writing-Competition.



March-April 2017