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Suggested Themes and Topics


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Large-Scale Combat Operations/Multi-Domain Operations

  • Division as a formation

  • Air and antimissile defense

  • Deep operations

  • Information advantage/military deception

  • Field Manual 3-0—competition continuum
    (competition, crisis, conflict)

  • Multi-domain task force

  • Recon and security/cavalry operations

  • Protection and security (air defense artillery, engineer chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, cavalry)


Joint Operations

  • Air/sea/land integration

  • Joint/long-range precision fires

  • Air and antimissile defense

  • Joint forcible entry


Europe/Central Command/Indo-Pacific Command

  • Contiguous and noncontiguous operations

  • New operational environment: adversaries operating in their “near abroad” (close proximity to own borders)

  • Peer and near-peer adversaries contesting U.S. joint force in all domains


Other Topics

  • What must be done to adjust junior leader development to the modern operational environment?

  • What logistical challenges does the U.S. military foresee due to infrastructure limitations in potential foreign areas of operation, and how can it mitigate them?

  • Defending against biological warfare­—examination of the war waged by other than conventional military weapons

  • Military role within interagency responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and other natural or humanitarian disasters

  • What is the role for the Army/Reserve components in homeland security operations? What must the Army be prepared to do in support of internal security? Along our borders?

  • Role of security force assistance brigades (SFAB) in the gray-zone competition phase drawn from experience of an SFAB in Africa or Europe

Soldiers of the 4046th Quartermaster Truck Company inspect and remove pieces from a grounded fighter plane found within a bombed-out plant


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