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Suggested Writing Themes and Topics—2023


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  • From the U.S. military perspective, what are the greatest external threats to the United States? Why? And, how?
  • Do any external threats realistically threaten the survival of the United States or its allies? If so, how?
  • Are there nations that consider themselves to be at war with the United States? If so, how are they conducting war and what would increase the probabilities of their success?
  • Is there a new “Cold War”? If so, which nations make up the new confederated blocs (e.g., new “Axis” powers) aligned against the United States and how do they cooperate with each other? What types of treaties or agreements do they have that outline relationships they share to reinforce each other?
  • Who does synchronization of DIME (diplomacy, information, military, economic) elements of power to achieve strategic goals best on the global stage? Contrast and compare employment of DIME by China, Russia, Iran, and the United States. How should the United States defend itself against foreign DIME?
  • Does China have an “Achilles’ heel”? What is its center of gravity? If it has one, how can it best be attacked/exploited?
  • What does China view as the United States’ “Achilles' heel” or “center of gravity”? (e.g., trade relations? Resource shortages? Diminishing technological manufacturing base? Societal instability and factionalism?) How specifically is it exploiting these? Specific examples?
  • What is the impact of irregular immigration on the security of the United States? What role does the U.S. military currently have by law to protect U.S. borders from irregular immigration and criminal activity linked to it? What relationships does the military currently have with other security institutions to protect the border? What relationships should it legitimately have? How should the National Guard be used?
  • Update on status of security force assistance brigades. What is the role now of the U.S. Armed Forces in Africa? Far East? Middle East?
  • What logistical challenge does the U.S. military foresee due to changes in infrastructure and forward operating locations?
  • What is “just over the horizon” in terms of weapons systems about to be deployed? Nanoweapons? Electromagnetic? Artificial intelligence? Other? How is the Army planning to mitigate effects?


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March-April 2023