February 2022 Book Review Archives

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Blackhorse Tales Cover

Blackhorse Tales

Stories of 11th Armored Cavalry Troopers at War

Donald Snedeker, Casemate, Philadelphia, 2021, 304 pages

Book Review written by: Lt. Col. Rick Baillergeon, U.S. Army, Retired, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

February 4, 2022
Postwar Journeys Cover

Postwar Journeys

American and Vietnamese Transnational Peace Efforts since 1975

Hang Thi Thu Le-Tormala, University Press of Kansas, Lawrence, 2021, 232 pages

Book Review written by: Lt. Col. David W. Bell, U.S. Army, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

February 11, 2022
Buffalo Soldiers in Alaska Cover

Buffalo Soldiers in Alaska

Company L, Twenty-Fourth Infantry

Brian G. Shellum, University of Nebraska Press (Bison Books), Lincoln, 2021, 386 pages

Book Review written by: James D. Crabtree, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

February 18, 2022
Vicarious Warfare Cover

Vicarious Warfare

American Strategy and the Illusion of War on the Cheap

Thomas Waldman, Bristol University Press, UK, 2021, 320 pages

Book Review written by: Thomas E. Ward II, PhD, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

February 25, 2022