2021 Online Exclusive Articles

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April 2021 Online Exclusive Articles

Preparing for the Future: Marine Corps Support to Joint Operations in Contested Littorals

Gen. David H. Berger, U.S. Marine Corps

The commandant of the Marine Corps describes how the Marines are radically reorganizing and rearming to develop greatly expanded capabilities to support future joint operations in contested littoral areas of operation as a multi-domain reconnaissance and counterreconnaissance force.

Article published on: Online Exclusive Articles 20 April 2021

January 2021 Online Exclusive Articles

Russia’s Soft Power Projection in the Middle East

Anna L. Borshchevskaya

Originally published in Great Power Competition: The Changing Landscape of Global Geopolitics, this article examines the origin and evolution of Russian soft power, comparing and contrasting the current Russian view of soft power with that of the former Soviet Union and also with that of the modern-day West.

Article published on: Online Exclusive Articles 20 January 2021

Bridging the Three-Generational Gap Using Doctrine

Col. Richard J. Davis, U.S. Army
Lt. Col. Jonathan P. Graebener, U.S. Army

The author argued that the lack of shared understanding is due to varying levels of experience between the generations and a lack of mentorship and training of young staff officers.

Article published on: Online Exclusive Articles 9 January 2021

Operationalizing Culture: Addressing the Army’s People Crisis

Col. Joseph E. Escandon, U.S. Army

In his “Message to the Force–Feedback on Diversity and Inclusion in the Military,” Secretary of Defense Mark Esper expressed the need to address and improve racial diversity in the Armed Forces, calling this the “first steps to drive a cultural shift and create lasting change in the DoD [Department of Defense].”

Article published on: Online Exclusive Articles 1 January 2021