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NCO Journal February 2014 Articles

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Feb. 20, 2014 — A Belated Tribute To The Buffalo Soldiers At Fort Bliss

Pablo Villa

The Buffalo Soldiers Memorial statue has been a gleaming sentinel near the main southeastern entrance to Fort Bliss, Texas, since 1999.

Article published on: February 27, 2014

During ‘Military Saves Week,’ Army Reminds Soldiers of Year-Round Financial Education

C. Todd Lopez
Army News Service

As the Department of Defense embarks on “Military Saves Week,” Feb. 24 through March 1, the Army wants Soldiers, civilians and their families to know that it provides financial education year-round — including information on how to save — at installations across the force.

Article published on: February 26, 2014

NCOs in the Army Watercraft Field Take Pride in Leading Unique, Versatile Units

By Meghan Portillo
NCO Journal

Army NCOs working on the water as vessel engineers and operators help form one of the Army’s most important assets, but many individuals don’t even know they exist.

Article published on: February 25, 2014

DOD Moves to Slow Military Compensation Growth

Jim Garamone
American Forces Press Service

The Defense Department can no longer put off slowing the growth of military personnel costs, and the fiscal year 2015 budget request DOD is recommending to the president begins that process, defense leaders said in Washington on Monday.

Article published on: February 24, 2014

Army Coach Leads Team USA to More Olympic Medals

Tim Hipps
U.S. Army Installation Management Command

U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program and Team USA Olympic skeleton coach Sgt. 1st Class Tuffy Latour received a whole lot of love from his skeleton athletes on Valentine’s Night at Sanki Sliding Centre.

Article published on: February 24, 2014

By Example: NCO’s Improvisation on the Battlefield Helped Team Come Home Safe

Jonathan (Jay) Koester

This story is part of a periodic NCO Journal feature that takes a closer look at an Army award in an NCO’s career. This month, we focus on the career of an NCO who was awarded the Bronze Star with “V” device. The Bronze Star may be awarded for bravery, acts of merit or meritorious service. The “V” device denotes individuals who were awarded a decoration in recognition of valorous acts performed during direct combat with an enemy force.

Article published on: February 20, 2014

Soldiers with Post-Traumatic Stress Have a Champion in MOH Recipient Carter

By Martha C. Koester
NCO Journal

The fierce battle for Combat Outpost Keating in eastern Afghanistan almost five years ago transformed Staff Sgt. Ty M. Carter’s life in more ways than one.

Article published on: February 18, 2014

Soldiers in Nine States Helping As Storm Pummels South

From South Carolina National Guard:

GAFFNEY, S.C. — The mammoth winter storm that sliced through southern and middle-Atlantic states Feb. 12 was keeping about 3,000 National Guard members busy in nine states and the District of Columbia.

Article published on: February 13, 2014

Group Works to Steer Soldiers Away from Trouble in Korea

By Jonathan (Jay) Koester
NCO Journal

When a group of junior NCOs saw the bad situations Soldiers were getting themselves into during nights out in Korea, they decided they needed to come up with a solution.

Article published on: February 13, 2014

Soldiers Want Fewer Sharp PowerPoint Slides, More Discussions

From Army News Service:

WASHINGTON — Last month at the opening of the Army’s SHARP conference, the service’s chief of staff told attendees he’s heard reports of “SHARP training fatigue” among junior Soldiers.

Article published on: February 12, 2014

Nearby Threat Means Training, Tempo, PRT All Increase For NCOs Serving in Korea

Jonathan (Jay) Koester
NCO Journal

With U.S. troops out of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan winding down, there are few places left where Soldiers serve on the knife’s edge. One of those places is South Korea.

Article published on: February 11, 2014

WCAP Bobsledders Hit Stride As Sochi Olympics Begin

By Tim Hipps
Army News Service

Eight noncommissioned officers are part of the U.S. team that will take part in the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics today in Sochi, Russia.

Article published on: February 6, 2014

Today’s NCO: Adaptive and Continual Learners

By Retired 1St Sgt. Cameron M. Wesson
Special to the NCO Journal

In November 1996, I was stationed in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia as a new member of the Transportation Corps.

Article published on: February 6, 2014

Father, Son Exemplify Army Values as NCOs, And In the Boxing Ring Referee famed for tagline ‘No one is more professional than I’ a driving force for enlisted son

By Pablo Villa
NCO Journal

Father-son pairings in the Army aren’t uncommon. But not many share the unique success of Staff Sgt. Alexis Ramos and his father, retired 1st Sgt. Rafael Ramos.

Article published on: February 4, 2014

NCOs Teach World Class Athlete Program Athletes to Be Soldiers First, Olympic Hopefuls Second

By Pablo Villa
NCO Journal

It’s a crisp, 12-degree November morning in Fort Carson, Colo. But within the confines of the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program’s boxing gym, a fine sheen of sweat covers the brow of Staff Sgt. Charles Leverette.

Article published on: February 4, 2014


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