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NCO Journal July 2020 Articles

The official magazine of noncommissioned officer professional development

Sergeant Major: The Professional Educator

By Sgt. Maj. Timothy J. Ros

The experience of a great teacher is invaluable. They positively influence their students and inspire them to do things they thought impossible. Re-aligning the E-9 career progression to make sure experienced sergeants major in the prime of their career are teaching brand new sergeants major will ensure proper training and passing of knowledge is taking place.

Article published on: July 31, 2020

Inspiring High Performance

By Sgt. 1st Class Thomas Greco

NCOs must create a positive environment that focuses their unit's attention, uses positive reinforcement and rewards, gives consistent feedback, and promotes creativity. This will inspire Soldiers to seek innovative solutions to mission objectives while still following the commander's intent.

Article published on: July 24, 2020

The Effectiveness of Virtual Simulation as a Training Tool

By Staff Sgt. Frank Lyndall

The use of simulations has progressed throughout the years with each technological advance and now includes virtual reality (VR). This article will highlight the history of VR, its uses, monetary value, and implementation practices.

Article published on: July 22, 2020

Pregnancy or Promotion

By Sgt. Maj. Kacie K. Dunn

In the last decade, the U.S. Army has made a large push to modernize programs that assist pregnant Soldiers, from standardizing maternity leave policies to exemption from the Military Lethality policy following child birth. However, a policy still exists that hinders a pregnant Soldier's promotional timeline.

Article published on: July 17, 2020

Reflections on Team and Squad-Level Leadership

By Staff Sgt. Julio Agosto

This article is a comparative reflection between a partner force and our own during a recent Joint Multinational Training Group. This experience allowed me to evaluate the pros and cons of how I train my own Soldiers at home, and the cost of not preparing them correctly for battle.

Article published on: July 15, 2020

Talent Identification: Centralized Promotions in the Blind

By Sgt. Maj. Jason M. Payne & Sgt. Maj. Francine Chapman

Like many modern American industries, the U.S. Army faces a steep challenge in recruiting, retaining, and promoting the nation’s top talent to meet its operational requirements. Regarding promotions, the Army’s current centralized senior enlisted evaluation process is inherently vulnerable to unconscious bias from panel members.

Article published on: July 13, 2020

Standards and Discipline: An In-Depth Look at Where We Once Were and Where We Are Now

By Command Sgt. Maj. Shelton R. Williamson

Leaders at every level should take time to train and mentor young Soldiers and leaders on a united front to continue to emphasize that standards and discipline are the hallmark of our Army.

Article published on: July 10, 2020

The Relationship Between Leadership and Stability

By Master Sgt. Danny R. Lampkin

NCOs that are consistent in their leadership decisions provide subordinates with purpose, direction, and motivation. Difficulties and setbacks in life happen to every Soldier, but leaders who model stability provide positive examples for Soldiers to consistently learn and grow in character.

Article published on: July 3, 2020