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NCO Journal August 2023 Articles

The official magazine of noncommissioned officer professional development

The All-Volunteer Force in Film

By Dr. Katharine Dahlstrand

All Volunteer Force film portrayals in the decades following its institution made assumptions about who joined the Army, what the Army offered people who raised their right hand willingly and what those people offered the Army in return. When films provide a glimpse of the American experience, they simultaneously help shape and reflect what audiences think about that specific topic.

Article published on: August 25, 2023

COIN: Don’t Trade Blood for Knowledge

By Sgt. Maj. Timothy D. Haar

As the U.S. military transitions its focus to large-scale combat operations (LSCO) by 2028, NCO-led COIN operations will remain a vital part of the overall mission set.

Article published on: August 21, 2023

Ending Leader Misconduct

By Sgt. Maj. Anthony D. Worsley

The American people entrust the Army with their sons and daughters; therefore, it is incumbent upon the Army to maintain trust by ensuring senior leader misconduct is studied, understood, hedged against with programs and policies, and ultimately, stamped out completely. .

Article published on: August 7, 2023