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NCO Journal February 2024 Articles

The official magazine of noncommissioned officer professional development

Resilience Through Counseling

By Sgt. Maj. Nicholas Beauchamp and Retired Command Sgt. Maj. Manuel Atencio

As Army leaders and mentors, the responsibility to guide and support our Soldiers through thoughtful, empathetic counseling is not just a duty but a privilege that can leave a lasting impact on Soldiers’ careers.

Article published on: February 23, 2024

Why is Communication So *ing Hard?

By Retired Command Sgt. Maj. Robert A. Nelson, Sgt. Maj. Scott A. Cole, & Command Sgt. Maj. David C. Fisher

Communication is complex and challenging. Most people think they’re good at it. Few are.

Article published on: February 16, 2024

Whispering into a Bullhorn

By Master Sgt. George W.F. De Esch

Public whistleblowing negatively impacts the Army from the local unit morale and junior leadership level to the national strategic level and public perception of the Army.

Article published on: February 9, 2024

Recruiting a Joint Force

By Master Sgt. Nick Chalos III

A joint recruiting force with the Army as the executive agent can meet the recruiting goals required to supply the people needed to maintain both the Army and the joint force.

Article published on: February 6, 2024

The Ethics of Robots in War

By Sgt. Maj. Ian M. Shaughnessey

Rather than limit military robot and AI progression, we must embrace societal concerns, both in the U.S. and worldwide, and use that as motivation to evaluate, understand, and embrace robotics technology to ensure our nation’s welfare and humankind’s future.

Article published on: February 2, 2024