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Elevate your Writing with the 2024 Special Topic

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This year’s theme is:

The Russia-Ukraine War

Russia and Ukraine have been at war since Russia invaded its neighbor on 24 February 2022. The intent of this year’s DePuy competition is to encourage close examination of this war and what lessons it has provided for the Army.


A list of suggested topics for examination is provided below. However, the list is not exclusive, and manuscripts identifying and analyzing other salient topics are encouraged.

  • What lessons have we learned from the Russia-Ukraine war so far?
  • How do lessons from this war affect/influence how we approach Field Manual 3-0, Operations, and large-scale combat operations?
  • Based on lessons learned from this conflict, what needs to change in U.S. Army doctrine?
  • What have we learned about the evolution and the future of maneuver warfare (armor, fires, unmanned aircraft, etc.)?
  • Based on lessons learned from this conflict, what are the impacts of technology on modern warfare (e.g., cell phones, computers, artificial intelligence)?
  • How do the Russian and Ukrainian approaches to information operations compare? Psychological operations? Civil-military operations? Who has been more effective? How have social and traditional media affected the war for each side?
  • How does this conflict inform the Army of 2030–2040?
  • How does this conflict influence U.S. adversaries? What are our adversaries learning?
  • What are our allies learning from this conflict? How will it affect U.S. relationships with its allies? With NATO?
  • How does this conflict affect/influence the U.S. approach in the Indo-Pacific?
  • Based on what we have seen in this conflict, what is the role of the interagency at the operational level?

How do I enter?

  • Submit an unclassified, original research paper examining any aspect—broad or specific—of this theme. Papers should be approx. 5,000 words in length, not counting endnotes.
  • Previously published papers, or papers pending consideration elsewhere for publication, are ineligible.
  • Papers submitted to other competitions still pending announced decisions are also ineligible. (As an exception to this rule, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College students submitting papers to the General Douglas MacArthur Military Leadership Writing Competition may submit the same paper to the DePuy Competition. Thus, it is possible to recognize a single paper for both competitions).
  • Contestants are expected to conduct in-depth research to support their papers to include consulting current doctrine, proponent organizations, and subject matter experts. However, unpublished original research based on primary as opposed to secondary source material is preferred.

What do winning writers receive?

First Place Second Place Third Place
Award of $1,000 Award of $750 Award of $500
Certificate of recognition Certificate of recognition Certificate of recognition
Publication as a featured essay in Military Review, the professional journal of the United States Army. Special consideration for publication in Military Review. Special consideration for publication in Military Review.
Not all prizes will necessarily be awarded; only superior quality products will warrant award.

This writing contest is provided in partnership with AUSA.


How will the papers be evaluated and judged?

Articles will be comparatively judged by a panel of senior Army leaders on how well authors have clearly identified issues requiring solutions relevant to the Army in general and/or to a significant portion of the Army; how effectively detailed and feasible solutions to the problems identified are presented; and, the level of expository skill the author demonstrates in developing a well-organized article using professional standards of grammar, usage, critical thinking, original insights, and evidence of thorough research in the sources provided. See enclosure 1 for the general criteria used in evaluating papers.


How do I submit a paper?

  • Complete an enrollment form (see enclosure 2) and submit it together with the proposed manuscript via email by Friday, 19 July 2024.
  • The essay will use endnote citations and not bibliographic references. Essays will not use the automatic endnote citation feature of software. Instead, endnotes will be hand typed in numerical order as referenced in the essay and listed at the end of the submitted document.
  • All entries should be submitted using the sample format found at the following link: Sample Format.

If you have questions contact:

Managing editor of Military Review, at +1 (520) 669-4003; or via email


Combined Arms Center 2023 General William E. DePuy Special Topics Writing Competition Winners.