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Call for Papers

“The China-Taiwan Reunification Conundrum”

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The People's Republic of China has made it clear that it intends to annex Taiwan, and, if necessary, will seize the island by force. Military Review is soliciting articles regarding this potentially volatile situation between China, Taiwan, and the international community, and how the United States should respond. Papers could address but are not limited to the following topics:

  • What domestic and international conditions must emerge to present China with its best opportunity to attempt a forced annexation of Taiwan? What other impetus might trigger such an attempt?
  • How has China been preparing diplomatically, informationally, and economically to foster the conditions for such an attempt?
  • How might the conflict unfold? What kind of forces would China likely use and where? How long would China calculate the conflict lasting?
  • What would China need to accomplish annexation without letting the situation expand into a larger conflict?
  • What is the likelihood of the United States and Taiwan’s few global allies coming to Taiwan’s assistance?

Accepted papers will either be published immediately as a Military Review online exclusive article or in a future 2020 edition of Military Review https://www.armyupress.army.mil/Journals/Military-Review/MR-Article-Submission-Guide/.

Call for papers submission deadline is 4 May 2020


No one and no force will be able to stop the course” of China’s annexation of Taiwan, Wei said at the security conference in Beijing, which featured a theme this year of “Maintaining International Order and Promoting Peace in the Asia-Pacific” [said, Wei Fenghe]. China “will never allow the separatists for Taiwan independence to take their chances or any external forces to interfere into the Taiwan affairs,” he added. “Reunification of the motherland is a justified course and separatist activities are doomed to failure.

—Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, The 9th Beijing Xiangshan Forum, 21 October 2019

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January-February 2020