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September 2021 Book Review Archives

Cover Book Review Date Published
First Chaplain of the Confederacy Cover

First Chaplain of the Confederacy

Father Darius Hubert, S.J.

Katherine Bentley Jeffrey, Louisiana University Press, Baton Rouge, 2020, 216 pages

Book Review written by: Lt. Col. Matt Marfongelli, U.S. Army, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

September 3, 2021
Stalin’s War on Japan Cover

Stalin’s War on Japan

The Red Army’s Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation, 1945

Charles Stephenson, Pen & Sword Military, Barnsley, United Kingdom, 2021, 272 pages

Book Review written by: James D. Crabtree, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

September 10, 2021
The Hidden Hindenburg Cover

The Hidden Hindenburg

The Untold Story of the Tragedy, the Nazi Secrets, and the Quest to Rule the Skies

Michael McCarthy, Lyons Press, Guilford, Connecticut, 2020, 328 pages

Book Review written by: Eric McGraw, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

September 17, 2021
Grey Wars Cover

Grey Wars

A Contemporary History of U.S. Special Operations

N. W. Collins, Yale University Press, New Haven, Connecticut, 2021, 320 pages

Book Review written by: Frederick A. Baillergeon, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

September 24, 2021