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NCO Journal August 2019 Articles

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Meeting America

By Sgt. Maj. Florian Emonet

I realized that Americans, like my own countrymen, come from varied walks of life. But no matter their upbringing or time period, patriots are always unified by the vision of a better future for their country. Embracing this desire above ourselves, no matter where we’re from, will make us all better leaders.

Article published on: August 30, 2019

Training the Trainers: Preparing to Launch the New ACFT

By Maj. Bradley Cooper & Mr. Jeremiah Rozman

The Army is built upon the individual Soldier, and the battlefield of the future demands Soldiers who can excel under intense physical and cognitive demands. The new Army Combat Fitness Test breaks with over three decades of the Army Physical Fitness Test.

Article published on: August 23, 2019

The Warrior Poet

Capt. Ronald F. Roberts

The warrior poet model of continual self-improvement and life-long learning is as valid today as it was during the Middle Ages. Improving communication skills is vital to a leader. Reading and writing prose and poetry, or improving public speaking, are all ways to grow not just as a leader, but as an individual.

Article published on: August 16, 2019

A Denuclearized Korean Peninsula

Command Sgt. Maj. Mark A. Millare

Advocating for peace and trust between North and South Korea, as well as North Korea and the U.S., will remove the DPRK's original need for nuclear weapons as protection. Doing so will strengthen the economy of the entire Korean Peninsula, which benefits the global economy and provides peace to a long-hostile region.

Article published on: August 12, 2019

Engaging Gen Z

Senior Master Sgt. Chris C. Moore

Gen Z is here, so it is critical for NCOs to understand them in order to communicate effectively and engage them.

Article published on: August 2, 2019