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The Ambush of the 507th Maintenance Company Virtual Staff Ride

507th Maintenance Company Virtual View
507th Maintenance Company Virtual View

This staff ride examines the attack on the 507th Maintenance Company during the opening phases of the invasion of Iraq in 2003 after the company accidentally entered the city of Nasiriyah. The field study’s primary focus is on integration of separate companies, preparation for combat, and small unit combat operations.

The primary learning objective is to discuss the insights and lessons learned in the planning, training and execution of small unit maneuver as part of Large-Scale Combat Operations. The staff ride is focused from squad to company level. However, the staff ride can also be tailored to concentrate on issues relevant to Soldiers at lower levels.

The 507th Maintenance VSR is fully exportable to any organization that has access to the Army-licensed gaming software, Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3). Each exportable package includes full instructor support materials, student readings, and instructions on how to use everything. Please see below.

Ambush of the 507th Maint Co Virtual Staff Ride Material

Hamburger Hill VSR Introduction

507th Maint Co VSR Introduction

This file provides an overview of the VSR, what products comprise the VSR, how to download the products, and how they are used to conduct the VSR. The exportable VSR contains all the elements of a “ground” staff ride, but with the terrain being presented with a computer in a classroom environment.

Download the VSR Introduction

Virtual Battlespace 3 Instructions

Virtual Terrain for 507th Maint Co

The VSR runs off the Army’s games-for-training platform, Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3). Only a government employee on a CAC enabled computer can download the program. New VBS3 users must request authorization to download the program through Milgaming. Use this link to access Milgaming. Please note that new download authorizations may not be available due to contract restrictions with the software manufacturer. Authorized users of VBS3 must then upload our 507th Maint Co terrain and model files into VBS3. Detailed instructions on how to complete this process are at the Milgaming link. For technical questions or issues relating to VBS3, contact customer support at Bohemia Interactive Simulations at (866) 755-5127.

Army Milgaming Site

Preliminary Study Materials

Preliminary Study Materials

These materials help prepare staff ride participants for their virtual visit to the campaign area. The read ahead is primarily the executive summary of the official Army investigation into the incident.

Download the Read Ahead

Field Phase Materials

Field Phase Materials

These resources are for the staff ride facilitator or instructor. The notes are the materials the instructor uses to tie the terrain, the historical narrative, and the visual aids together. The visual aids help keep the participants oriented to the virtual terrain and to the historical context of the operation.

Download the Instructor Notes

Download the Operators Notes

Download the Visual Aids