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Lt. Col. Erica L. Cameron

Lt. Col. Erica L. Cameron


For the past nine months I have had the distinct privilege of serving as the director of Army University Press and the editor in chief of Military Review. While here, I have had the honor of working with an amazing team of professionals whose energy, passion, and pride inspire me daily. Thank you Bill, Jeff, Desirae, Beth, Arin, Linda, and Amanda.

The entire Army University Press team is purpose-driven and always focused on advancing the ideas and insights leaders need to lead and succeed. They engage us in exploring ideas, thinking critically, and engaging creatively. They support our writing and participation in professional discourse. And, they keep us abreast of emerging factors impacting the global security environment and the future of war. The diverse content and exceptional quality of every edition of Military Review reflects these ambitions.

This edition of Military Review distinguishes itself by featuring several articles discussing concepts and issues that are increasingly salient features of the operational environment—features that doctrine does not ordinarily fully address, or, more often, seldom considers at all: the use of nontraditional weapons, including lawfare, autonomous weapon systems, and gender equality.

The lawfare article establishes the framework and highlights the increasing confluence of public opinion, international law, and politics on operations. The article on autonomous weapons discusses the pros and cons of their employment, challenges to limiting and defining autonomous weapons, and policy recommendations regarding these controversial systems. Additionally, two articles address the issue of gender inequality, promoting gender equality as a factor in shaping regional security and overall political stability, and as a determinant in peacemaking.

In a featured article, Anthony Cordesman provides a biting critique on the deficiencies of stability operations doctrine, especially as it pertains to Syria in the aftermath of any upcoming peace accord. We selected the remaining articles to expand the reader’s view of the evolving operational environment and provide ideas to confront the challenges associated with change.

In addition to Military Review, I encourage you to tap into all of the publication platforms and educational services Army University Press offers to support individual and institutional development. Our books, handbooks, journals, primers, exclusive online multimedia content, and discussion forums are available anytime at http://www.armyupress.army.mil/. The easiest way to keep up with our expanding content is though our social media, so check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Beyond just reading and staying informed, start contributing to the body of professional military knowledge. Research, explore, and write about topics that interest you, and submit your articles and manuscripts for publication. We have multiple publishing platforms, including Military Review, the Journal of Military Learning, and the NCO Journal. We also sponsor the Future Warfare Writing Program, the NCO Writing Competition, and the DePuy Writing Competition. Our newest venue is “Extended Battlefield: Future of War,” a forum that publishes original articles about the future of war and houses a reference library of articles, papers, and news to keep you up-to-date on the ideas informing the multidomain battle concept.

This has been an exciting time to serve with Army University Press and Military Review as we transition toward multimedia publishing, enabled by our new website and heightened social media interaction. This transition is only possible because of the opportunities created by Army University, the industrious and innovative staff of Army University Press, and the continued support of our loyal readers and contributors. Thank you!

I have sincerely enjoyed every moment serving as the director of Army University Press and editor in chief of Military Review. I look forward to remaining engaged in the professional discourse you lead, enjoying the increasingly diverse content and leader development resources you offer, and appreciating the valuable service you provide our Army.




Last Call!

2017 General William E. DePuy

Special Topics Writing Competition

This year’s theme: “What needs to be fixed in the Army?”

Articles will be comparatively judged by a panel of senior Army leaders on how well they have clearly identified issues requiring solutions relevant to the Army in general, or to a significant portion of the Army; how effectively detailed and feasible the solutions to the identified problem are; and the level of writing excellence achieved. Writing must be logically developed and well organized, demonstrate professional-level grammar and usage, provide original insights, and be thoroughly researched as manifest in pertinent sources.

Contest closes 17 July 2017

1st Place $1,000 and publication in Military Review
2nd Place $750 and publication in Military Review
3rd Place $500 and publication in Military Review

For information on how to submit an entry, please visit http://armyupress.army.mil/DePuy-Writing-Competition/.



May-June 2017