DePuy Contest and Winners

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2018 General William E. DePuy

Special Topics Writing Competition

The 2018 theme was “World Hot Spots: Which of the world’s hot spots is the Army least prepared for? Should resources be diverted to prepare for them? What is the most efficient way to become ready for conflict in this region?”

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1st Place

Maj. Matthew Kuhlman, U.S. Army

“Strengthening Partnerships to Face the Complexities of Africa”




2nd Place

Col. Eugenia Guilmartin, PhD, U.S. Army

“No ‘Ordinary Crimes’: An Alternative Approach to Securing Hotspots and Dense Urban Areas”




3rd Place

Col. Erik Claessen, Belgian Army

“Waging Wars Where War Feeds Itself”




Honorable Mentions

Maj. Amos Fox, U.S. Army

“Time, Power, and Principal-Agent Problems: Why the U.S. Army is Ill-Suited for Proxy Warfare Hotspots”

Jose Delgado

“Venezuela-A 'Black Swan' Hot Spot: Is a Potential Operation in Venezuela Comparable to Operation Just Cause in Panama?”



Strykers and military support vehicles belonging to the 3rd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment (2CR), stage for departure 18 June 2018 in Sochazcew, Poland. 2CR conducted a tactical road march from Lithuania to Germany after Saber Strike 18 concluded.

November-December 2017