Combined Arms Center 2023 General William E. DePuy

Special Topics Writing Competition Winners

“Implementing FM 3-0, Operations”



1st Place

“Convergence and Emission Control: Tension and Reconciliation”
Maj. Matthew Tetreau, U.S. Army

2nd Place

“FM 3-0: A Step Forward in Approaching Operational Art”
Maj. Christopher Salerno, U.S. Army

3rd Place

“Obstacles to Implementation: A Dialectic between Old and New”
Maj. McLeod Wood, Australian Army

Honorable Mentions

“The Convergence Algorithm: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Enable Multidomain Operations”
Lt. Col. Michael B. Kim, U.S. Army

“Deep Six Chapter Seven: Qualitative and Practical Analytical Arguments for Removing Chapter 7 from FM 3-0”
Lt. Col. Mohamed. B. Massaquoi, U.S. Army

“Returning Context to Our Doctrine”
Maj. Robert G. Rose, U.S. Army

“Through a Glass Clearly: An Improved Definition of LSCO”
Maj. John Dzwonczyk, U.S. Army
Maj. Clayton C. Merkley, U.S. Army


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