Your Bitter Lessons

Dr. Mahir J. Ibrahimov

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Azerbaijan, the land of fires
Embattled by grief and misery.
They trampled your children’s honor.
They shot our mothers
without a shadow of compassion

Bloody January! Forever and ever
will remain in the hearts of the people.
My soul cries out, what
have you done?! O wise guardian,
master of the race!

O my pain! O my land!
The sons have closed their eyelids.
They’ve closed their eyelids, their
sons ... To eternal freedom, the

But these sacrifices are not in vain,
Though the agony of your suffering
soul of your suffering soul.

The people live and will live
with hope and faith.
To serve the ideas of good and
happiness. Not drowning in
the mire of evil.

And the wisdom of life
♪ Without crossing the threshold ♪
Of hardness,
He must only learn a lesson
That he will learn from the
past from past mistakes

(March 1990)

The image shows a collection of international flags flapping in the wind, with a prominent emblem in the foreground displaying Chinese characters, suggesting a global or multinational context, likely an international organization or event in a Chinese-speaking region.



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