General Dennis J. Reimer, United States Army Chief of Staff

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I am very pleased to introduce this historic 75th Anniversary edition of Military Review. As the US Army’s professional journal, it has enriched and broadened the scope of intellectual thought for thousands of military leaders over the years. This edition features reprints of articles by some famous authors, many penned early in their careers. Articles such as these have long served as the foundation for the exchange of ideas on military affairs and the doctrinal development of our professional Army. I want to thank the editors and staff of Military Review, past and present, who over the last three-quarters of a century have created a professional military journal that we are all truly proud of.

This is also a perfect opportunity to thank those who have written and submitted articles for publication. Their contributions have generated important debate on leadership, strategy, doctrine, technology and operational art. From their work, we have learned the enormous value of the continued participation of all military professionals in sharing thoughts, lessons learned and ideas.

As we stand on the threshold of the new millennium, we also find ourselves in an era of unprecedented change. The Cold War environment that gripped the world after World War II has literally evaporated. For our Army, the 21st century really began in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down. Today, we are confronted with a less dangerous, but much more complex, threat environment. During the Cold War, we built a threat-based force. Our doctrine, training and equipment were driven by the Soviet threat. All that changed with the fall of the wall.

Today, we continue to adhere to our time-honored values of courage, loyalty, honor, respect, selfless service, integrity and duty, but our Army is changing as it plays a major role in our new national security strategy of engagement and enlargement. We are now a capabilities-based force, relevant to the new needs of the nation. Our new national security strategy is supported by our four capabilities: to compel our nation’s enemies, to deter potential enemies, to reassure our friends and allies and, in domestic crisis, to support the nation.

Today more than ever, we must tap into the perspectives and ideas of our young leaders—the torchbearers destined to lead our information age Army, unmatched in capability, quality and service to the nation. Over its 75-year history, Military Review has been a valuable spokesman and a beacon of knowledge, permitting our Army’s leaders to grow intellectually and giving us an Army envied around the world.

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Military Review
75th Anniversary