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Themes and Suggested Topics

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  • How do we change our culture and develop leaders to:
  • overcome seventeen years of institutional/operational experience?
  • see/understand/seize fleeting opportunities?
  • develop the situation in contact and chaos?
  • offset “one-off” dependencies and contested domains?
  • rapidly exploit positions of advantage?
  • survive in hyper-lethal engagements?
  • continuously present multiple dilemmas to the enemy?
  • decide and act at speed?
  • fully realize mission command?
  • What are the greatest threats the Army faces (either externally or internally)? How should the Army deal with them?
  • Case studies of how to properly integrate emerging technology.
  • What is needlessly duplicated in the Army (e.g., what should be done away with, how should the Army adjust, and how would it benefit)?
  • What must be done to adjust junior leader development to a modern operational environment?
  • What must we do to develop a more effective means of developing and maintaining institutional memory in order to deal with emerging challenges?
  • What is the role for the Army in homeland security operations? What must the Army be prepared for?
  • Impact of nepotism on the officer development system.
  • Impact of funding shortfalls on readiness.
  • The potential adverse impacts on military standards due to factors associated with poor integration of new cultures, ethnicities, or racial considerations and how to mitigate them.
  • How is gender integration changing the Army and how it operates?

Global Security

  • What nations consider themselves to be at war or in conflict with the United States? How are they conducting war, and what does this mean for the Army?
  • What operational and logistical challenges are foreseen due to infrastructure limitations in potential foreign areas of operation and how can we mitigate them?
  • What lessons did we learn during this year’s hurricane relief operations?

November-December 2017