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November-December 2019


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2020 General William E. DePuy Special Topics Writing Competition

Contest opens 1 January 2020 and closes 20 July 2020.


Suggested Themes and Topics for Future Editions


The Geoeconomic Dimensions of Russian Private Military and Security Companies

Maj. Thomas D. Arnold, U.S. Army

In this DePuy writing competition winner, the author explores the geoeconomic dimensions of Russian private military and security companies, their histories, and their implications for U.S. foreign policy and military strategy.


Order from Chaos: Inside U.S. Army Civil Affairs Activities

Maj. Assad A. Raza, U.S. Army

A civil affairs officer explains why the U.S. Army must invest in the unique capabilities of civil affairs forces to understand and influence civil networks and facilitate interorganizational cooperation in multi-domain operations.


Empathetic Leadership: Understanding the Human Domain

Chaplain (Maj.) John McDougall, U.S. Army

An Army chaplain argues that today’s military leader must properly understand, develop, and apply empathy to build cohesive teams and make better decisions in future operating environments. This article was the runner-up in this year’s MacArthur Leadership Writing Competition.


Integration of Women and Gender Perspective into the Myanmar Armed Forces to Improve Civil-Military Relations in Myanmar

Lt. Col. Miemie Winn Byrd, EdD, U.S. Army Reserve, Retired

An expert on U.S.-Myanmar relations discusses how the integration of female service members into the Myanmar armed forces can help that newly democratic country achieve peace and comprehensive security.


Motivating and Educating Millennials

Sgt. Maj. Kanessa Trent, U.S. Army

Understanding the keys to educating and motivating the millennial generation is imperative for the growth and development of soldiers as well as the readiness of the Army. This is an updated version of an article previously published in the April 2019 edition of the Journal of Military Learning.


Military Transformation: Effort and Institutional Commitment

Col. Paul E. Vera Delzo, Peruvian Army

Effort and commitment of an organization’s members and its political decision-makers are required to successfully face the diverse challenges of military transformation. A senior foreign military officer examines military transformation and offers coherent steps to follow in order to successfully transform an organization.


Trailblazers of Unmanned Ground Vehicles: Defense Threat Reduction Agency and Marine Corps Warfighting Lab

Lt. Col. A. C. Turner, U.S. Army

The author describes how collaborative efforts amongst Department of Defense and industry partners can develop innovative solutions to wicked problems and how such collaboration enabled development of the U.S. military’s twenty-first-century medium-weight unmanned ground vehicle.



A Last Moment Caught

Tom Sheehan

A poem by a Korean War combat veteran.


Mobilizing History to Promote Patriotism and a New Past

Robert F. Baumann, PhD

A Russian expert discusses how history has shaped the identity and behavior of the Russian people. The emphasis on loyalty to Russia’s heritage and traditions influences everything from support for the existing regime to willingness to serve in the armed forces of the Russian Federation.


Shadows of War: Violence along the Korean Demilitarized Zone

Capt. Michael Anderson, U.S. Army

The author recounts the hazards of duty on Korea’s demilitarized zone since the 1953 cease-fire armistice.


Fighting Forward: Modernizing U.S. Army Reconnaissance and Security for Great Power Conflict

Maj. Nathan Jennings, U.S. Army

The U.S. Army is facing a capabilities gap in reconnaissance and security for large-scale combat operations. The author details several relatively cost-neutral options for addressing the problem, espousing dedicated and echeloned cavalry formations with cross-domain enablers.


Global Contingency Plans: A New Look at War Planning

Lt. Col. Dan Sukman, U.S. Army

The joint force must be ready to fight any future adversary on a global battlefield and in all domains. According to the author, the development of capabilities to support the building and exercising of global contingency plans is a necessary step for the future of the joint force.


All Socialists Are Equal, but Some Are More Equal Than Others

Edward A. Lynch, PhD

A specialist in Latin American politics explains the difference between true revolutionaries and the corrupt, oppressive Socialist dictators in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Argentina.


Bombs without Boots: The Limits of Airpower

Kevin Rousseau

The author critiques a book by Anthony M. Schinella that considers whether airpower can deliver a decisive victory without committing external ground combat forces.


Letter to the Editor

A reader comments on previous articles.



The annual index of Military Review (online and print) for 2019.


Staff Sergeant David G. Bellavia - Medal of Honor Recipient

In a 25 June 2019 White House ceremony, President Donald J. Trump presented former Army Staff Sgt. David Bellavia with the Medal of Honor for his heroic service as a squad leader in support of Operation Phantom Fury on the night of 10 November 2004 in Fallujah, Iraq. By coincidence, 10 November 2004 also happened to be Bellavia’s twenty-ninth birthday.