2024 Online Exclusive Articles

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April 2024 Online Exclusive Articles

Creating Strategic Problem Solvers

Lt. Gen. Milford H. Beagle Jr., U.S. Army
Lt. Col. Tom Gaines, U.S. Army

As the Army continues transforming to meet evolving threats on the battlefield, it is meeting with levels of complexity that surpass previous experience. To win, the Army must train leaders to become strategic problem solvers who create new approaches and reimagine the future fight.

Article published on: 09 April 2024


We Need More Professional OPFOR: Dedicated Professional Opposing Forces at Home Station Are an Asymmetric Advantage

Maj. Thomas Haydock, U.S. Army

To provide maneuver units with more realistic training at their home stations, the Army needs to revise its doctrine regarding its opposing force program and create a scalable model for an opposing force (OPFOR) that can approximate the professional OPFOR found at the Army’s combat training centers.

Article published on: 09 April 2024


Restless Sage, Clouded Crystal: Future War, Institutional Change, and the Perils of Impatient Learning

1st Lt. Harrison Manlove, U.S. Army

The lessons-learned process can and should begin before conflict termination through observations. Preliminary lessons and observations are a good place to start and should be the focus for analysts until a conflict’s conclusion, when more concrete lessons may be drawn to change institutional behaviors.

Article published on: 03 April 2024


March 2024 Online Exclusive Articles

Sustaining Our People Advantage in Data-Centric Warfare

Gen. James E. Rainey, U.S. Army
Gen. Gary M. Brito, U.S. Army

Technology is rapidly changing how militaries and proxy forces engage in armed conflict, but war continues to remain a human endeavor, and people are the U.S. Army’s number one asymmetric advantage.

Article published on: 12 March 2024


February 2024 Online Exclusive Articles

Disruption Is the Key to Delivering the Army of 20XX

Lt. Gen. Milford H. Beagle Jr., U.S. Army

Disruptive transformation is largely a mindset and behavior change among leadership teams that sets up organizations to thrive in a disruptive world. According to the commander of the U.S. Army Combined Arms Center, we must foster a culture that thrives on disruptive change.

Article published on: 13 February 2024


Aligning Incentives: Professional Writing in the Army’s Operational Domain

Lt. Col. Jay Ireland, U.S. Army
Maj. Ryan Van Wie, U.S. Army

Two U.S. Army officer combat veterans who also have significant practical experience and success in professional-level writing discuss the importance of developing writing skills to discipline individual logical thinking processes while contributing important information and informed discussion regarding issues of concern to the army. They observe that this reflected in a worrisome trend within the military among officers and NCOs who demonstrate lapsing interest in participating in informed debate in military journals and other venues dealing with national security. They invite leaders at all levels to encourage their soldiers to take the opportunity to apply themselves in ‘putting pen to paper’ and publishing their insights in one of the many publication venues now available that cater to military thinkers.

Article published on: 09 February 2024


Drink, Think, Link: Guiding Online Mentorship

Lt. Col. Erik Davis, U.S. Army
Lt. Col. Nicholas Frazier, U.S. Army

Mentorship comes in many shapes and sizes. Leaders should consider supporting informal mentorship and networking communities by setting up and moderating an informal online community.

Article published on: 07 February 2024


January 2024 Online Exclusive Articles

A Catalyst for Writing

Lt. Col. D. Max Ferguson, U.S. Army

This article introduces the concept of a catalyst paper as a distinct approach to writing Army white papers that encourages all ranks to share observations from the field, introduce suggestions, and examine lessons learned. Such grassroots research papers are written to help busy leaders think, spark dialogue among their peers, and introduce their teams to new methods. Commanders can share them across units and help nominate papers for publication in Army professional journals for dissemination and preservation.

Article published on: 16 January 2024